Erin's Tour d'Afrique Bike of a Blog!
An 8,000 mile personal and philanthropic adventure across Africa…

8,000 miles to go…

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.  Given that the author of this philosophy, T.S. Eliot, was an academic and a poet, it would be logical to intrepret his allusion to distance as a metaphor.  But for a gal who is about to bike 8,000 miles from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa, I am going with the literal translation!
On January 15, 2010, I will start pedaling amidst the pyramids, and will proceed through 8,000 miles of desert, mountains,deltas, serengeti, sandunes and cities enroute to the southern tip of Africa.  50 or so other intrepid, ingenious and insane cyclists will join me for an adventure of a lifetime…the Tour d’Afrique

My Ironman bike isn't tough enough for Africa...

My cyclocross bike, 100 pounds of luggage and I will board a plane bound for Cairo in two days and right now I am feeling a mixture of excitement, anxiety, curiosity and fear.  8,000 miles is far on an airplane!  My life in Manhattan is comfy and cool!  Why am I doing this to myself?!  The answer to the latter question is two-part: 1. I believe that perpetual personal challenge changes and enhances lives; and 2. there are awesome grassroots social initiatives in Africa to uncover and support!

In 2006, I co-founded a non-profit organization called In the Running to connect global endurance pursuits with global grassroots fundraising.  At the time, I was setting a world record running marathons on all seven continents and donating to local projects along the way.  In Africa, ITR will be donating to three organizations along my bike route that use running, cycling and soccer to promote youth development.  More on this later…

For now, I have yet to figure out whether my blackberry, solar charger, bike, sunscreen, tent, daily wellbeing and mental fortitude will work in Africa.  I hope you will save yourself a few saddle sores and flat tires by following my adventures vicariously through this blog!  Feel free to post comments, questions and ideas as I ride 🙂

T-2 days,



3 Responses to “8,000 miles to go…”

  1. Hello Erin,
    I have just had time to sit downstairs and read your story of your trip to Afirca. I am very proud of you and your “bike-mates”, especially, Dave……..any man that can go in a parasite river to get his keys is a man I want to have a beer with !!
    I spoke to your Mom today…..she is impressed with your trip, but of course, she worries.
    I am happy to see that you are keeping this blog of your trip. You are so happy and I can hear it in your words. I started to laugh (don’t get mad at me) when I heard your bike did not arrive with you……..All I could think of “Brown Pants, Brown Pants, Brown Pants” ………ask your Mom or Colleen or Cara and they will fill you in on the “Brown Pants” story.
    I wish you a healthy and safe trip and I look forward to reading your blog more often.
    Love, Geralyn and Mike

  2. I hope you get my comment.

  3. Hello Erin,
    I have just spent close to 1 and 1/2 hours to read about your trip and I have tried to send you a nice comment. I am not sure if my original message came through. I hope so, if not, let me know. I will try again.
    Be Good and I pray for you and your “biki mates” safety.
    love you …….Geralyn and Mike

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