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Greetings from Cairo!

After checking into Newark with the most luggage I have ever packed (an impressive feat for a Manhattanista), I finally arrived in Cairo via Frankfurt a day or so later.  Unfortunately my carefully packed and rather necessary bicycle did not make the connection.  The Egypt Air representative asked how long i would be in Egypt which frankly, was not the question I was hoping for.  I am going to not be anxious about it and hope it shows up tonight at the hotel, as promised by my handsomly tipped Egyptian “handler.”

Despite less than promising urban vistas leading up to our hotel, the Cataract Pyramids Resort is quite nice.  I am rooming with two other riders Dave ( and Cat (  It’s amazing how quickly you bond with almost strangers by sharing chicken and cheese sandwiches at 3am, passing around various sleep aid drugs (don’t worry mom, just tylenol PM but def extra strength), and then sleeping approximately two inches from each other in bike spandex.  Well, Cat wore pajamas.  I wore my bike clothes.  Not surprising.

We woke up this morning massively jet lagged, met a few other Americans and set out for the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and rambling around Cairo.  Cairo is very polluted and congested, but there is also an air of entrancing exoticism.  Around every corner there is a tension between the old and the new here.  Sheep and produce spill into the street or are transported by bicycle, in between stores with the latest sim cards and iphones.  Elements of traditionalism abound, but I have felt very comfortable as a western tourist.

Tomorrow we plan to visit a few pyramids, and then preparation for the journey ahead will commence in earnest.  It feels like the calm before the storm right now!  I can’t wait to get my feet back in the pedals and start biking…which is basically the only thing I know how to do here, and the only constant throughout the months ahead!


4 Responses to “Greetings from Cairo!”

  1. Er, I am much more relaxed now that I have read your blog and that you have arrived safely. Prayers tonight will be for the arrival of TOTO. Love you MOM

  2. Erin, You inspire me, and your journey will be amazing in every way. I love my armchair perspective on your adventure. Wish I could get closer to the view but keep those blogs and pictures coming. When you get on the road I will post to my blog. Good luck, and be safe out there. Living the dream.

  3. Hi from Dave’s sister. I’ve been worried about your bike – has it come yet? If not, is it possible for the insurance company to get you a replacement? I hope all is well!

    Meanwhile, the sights must be amazing!

  4. Hello there Erin !!
    I am so thrilled to hear that you are having a good time (even though aspirin is needed). I read your journal so far and it was so exciting. The pics are wonderful. It allows me to see your journey from my confortable Hudson Valley home. I laughed so hard when I read the story of Dave in the “parasite” infested river. Now that is a man that I would love to have a beer with !!
    We all want you to enjoy your next few months and we are all praying for the safety of you and your “bike mates”.
    Love from Geralyn and Mike

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