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A little bit of “hectic”…

One of the perks of going on a global bike expedition is that not only is the terrain global, but your company is too! I’ve been visiting pyramids and eating half chickens this week with a few South Africans, who use the word “hectic” to describe crazy, both in a good way and a bad way. For example, my marathons on seven continents were described to me as "hectic." My experience with a missing bike (egypt air eventually found it) and missing shoes, pedals and half my spares this week (don't ask) was also "hectic."

Long story and several stressful 5am phone calls in arabic and contingency plans later, my missing bike and parts arrived/were found. And even if they weren't, my fellow riders scrounged together enough passable spare parts so I could have ridden on borrowed gear. A couple lessons here- be resourceful, be patient and don't let perfect ruin good! I am approaching the starting line of the tour d'afrique with a renewed sense of optimism, and appreciation for the difficulty of the obstacles that lie ahead.

I have been thinking over the past few weeks for a name for my bike, but nothing has seemed right. I name all my bikes- its good luck, and your bike becomes an extension of yourself on these types of trips. I have decided to name my TDA bike Odysseus, after the long-suffering but persistent and ultimately victorious hero of Greek mythology. The tour begins tomorrow morning in a wild opening ceremony at the pyramids and police-escorted convey out of cairo. From there, its going to be quite the "hectic" odyssey 🙂


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