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Oasis to Desert

The past 48 hours have offered more examples of the highs and lows of this epic cycling expedition. Yesterday, after a relatively short 90k, we reached a destination that was truly an oasis. After days along a dusty, barren desert highway, we arrived at Safaga, an Egyptian resort town along the Red sea. We had the true luxuries here Of cold showers, cold beers and a campsite along the beach. It was also a treat to get into camp before noon as opposed to the usual late afternoon, which normally leaves very little daylight for the daily chores of setting up my tent, cleaning my bike and tending to aches and pains. Everyone was happy, and we woke up this morning to a stunningly beautiful 65k or so climb over the red sea mountains. It was nice to see geological features besides sand dunes. Half-way into the ride at lunch I ate my usual four sandwiches and figured with the climb over with, the remaining 70k would be a breeze. A breeze it was, in the form of the relentless headwind we have become all too familiar with. It was a grind, but I was able to overcome the low with positivity, powerbars and teamwork with the other riders. I even received excessive attention from our egyptian police escorts and a marriage proposal from a nomad sitting on a sand dune along the highway. Now that’s a good day in Africa.


4 Responses to “Oasis to Desert”

  1. Love the bike’s name. Keep up your positivity. Be safe. Love MOM

  2. Erin! I am so inspired by you (as usual). And love that you pulled out the manual to set up your tent! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures… Sending you a BIG HUG!

  3. Erin I read your blog and then close my eyes and try to picture what it is like where you far from Queens Lane! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with those of us who will never be able to peddle in your shoes! Love and safe trip. Debbie Meier

  4. Dear Erin,
    Your trip sounds soooo cool! I can’t believe that you are riding 8,000
    miles on a bike from Cairo, Egypt to Capetown, South Africa. I’m in 4th grade and last semester I studied all about Africa. That is one of the reasons that I find your trip so interesting. I thought that it was very funny when the Nomad proposed marriage to you. What did he offer you? A ring or a sheep? Did you ride any camels in Egypt? Be careful of them because they like to spit. Please keep me updated about your trip as I am plotting it on an African map. Good luck and safe traveling!
    Angelica Dziurzynski

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