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Walk Like an Egyptian

Rest day at the Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt

Hello from Luxor, Egypt! Luxor will forever hold a special place in my heart as the first rest day of the Tour d’Afrique! Cycling 90-168k each day for six days straight (approx 500 miles total) has given me a new appreciation for the importance of rest and recovery. We enjoyed a beautiful 90k (a distance we now consider a short day) into Luxor, where we saw water and greenery along our route for the first time since Cairo. Its amazing how much water gives life to a very small area of Egypt. We rolled into town to the wild shouts and cheers of local children, who must’ve enjoyed the spectacle of 65 cyclists on a road typically more frequented by donkey traffic. Only one or two riders had stones and tomatoes thrown at them. Beautiful flowers lined our approach to Luxor, and when I got off my bike I felt like I needed a knee transplant. As I have toured the Luxor Temple, Karnak Temples, walked along the Nile and listened to a lecture about excavation by an Egyptologist, several locals have shouted out “Hey- you walk like an Egyptian!” This is not a compliment to the Egyptians- I have been hobbling around like a little old lady on my sore body, eating cadbury bars by the handful 🙂 Additionally, rest days aren’t really rest days, as they are a mad dash to wash clothes, obtain internet, consume calories, fix bicycle parts, see a few local sites and repack gear. Despite my long to-do list, I’m feeling rejuvenated now, and ready to tackle a few more 150k days of cycling this week. Our time in Egypt is drawing to a close, and we will soon be entering virtually uncharted territory in Sudan.


3 Responses to “Walk Like an Egyptian”

  1. Er,
    Be safe on the next part of your journey! Love you MOM

  2. Dear Erin,
    Be careful in Sudan because yesterday when we where reading this blog my dad told me that in Sudan there is Civil War. BE SAFE!
    Angelica Dziurzynski

  3. Wonderful to read your notes. Cold and sunny in CNY, but no snow. Turkeys and deer abound. Republicans won senate seat in MA: health insurance reform in turmoil.

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