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In the Running (on a bike)!

I have been running and now biking around the world for four years, and one of the best parts is the people I have met and initiatives I have encountered along the way. As many of you know, in 2006, I co-founded “In the Running” with Dana Worth and Mahmoud Youssef, to connect global endurance sports with global grassroots fundraising. Our motto is “What are you In the Running for?” I believe that everyone should have an answer to this question, both personally and philanthropically.

Given the current bike ride across Africa (about 1200 kilometers already completed!), we have a very exciting project to announce for 2010! After researching various charities across Africa with the help of Ashoka (a social entrepreneurship org), we have selected three organizations that use sports (soccer, running and cycling) for youth development in Africa. Athletics have (clearly) significantly influenced the trajectory of my life, and I’m excited to support organizations that do the same for children in Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and a variety of other East African countries.

Check out our cool organizations (below) and donate a lot or a little at In the Running plans to donate $5,000 to each of the below organizations in 2010, and the Tour d’Afrique has informed us that we have already set a new record donation to their cycling foundation. This is unbelievable, as I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of other riders on this tour. We are also tremendously grateful to you just for reading this blog, and demonstrating interest in our ongoing initiatives.

Running: A Running Start Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania (

Kenyan Women Runners Supported by A Running Start

A Running Start is uses the power of sports to improve the lives of young East Africans. This region, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, is impoverished yet is home to the world’s greatest store of running talent. A Running Start harnesses this talent in order to allow more East Africans to earn a U.S. university education from their athletic gift, to leverage sports to inspire local children to stay in school and to enable more talented young athletes to earn a living from the sport.

Soccer: Moving the Goalposts, Kilifi, Kenya (

Moving the Goalposts Kilifi (MTG) helps girls stay in school and avoid early pregnancy by ensuring their participation as leaders and decision makers. The project uses soccer to develop essential life skills – confidence, leadership, self esteem – of vulnerable young women. MTG will also send a group of young women to play in exhibition matches at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Soccer provides a unique entry point for reproductive health, human rights and economic empowerment initiatives.

Cycling: Tour d’Afrique Foundation, east coast of Africa along Tour route (

The Tour d’Afrique Foundation donates bikes to individuals and organizations in Africa, supports bicycle advocacy and promotes projects that protect the environment. The foundation has given away over 1,000 bikes since its inception and In the Running’s donation sets a new record, at 35 bikes donated throughout Eastern Africa.


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  1. So proud of you Er! Be safe and continue to enjoy this wonderful journey. Love you MOM

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