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Archive for May 2010

The Finish Line

May 20, 2010

After a wet and wild second to last night of camping on the Western Cape, we woke up to another 146 kilometers of cold, wet rain the next morning. The morning was epic, with ocean vistas, foggy farmlands and the occasional ostrich crossing. Dana and I rode along happily, chatting about the last four months […]

The Atlantic Ocean!

May 13, 2010

If the day of the Stage Win represented one of my fastest on the Tour, the two days after certainly have been among the slowest. Dead and acidic quads can only push a girl so far up another 250k of hills. Somehow I forced myself to make it, because I knew today we would see […]

A South Africa Stage Win

May 13, 2010

United in Felix Unite, the TDA riders enjoyed a beautiful and relaxing rest day along the shores of the Orange River. I relaxed my muscles, but I couldn’t fully relax my mind. I had made a decision to pursue a Stage Win in the final three race days of the Tour. As we entered South […]

United to Felix Unite

May 12, 2010

Our rest day in Sossusvlei arrived after only three days of Namib desert riding, which meant I faced five more tough days to the Tour’s final rest day in Felix Unite, on the Namibian/South African border. Tour Director Sharita told us we would face more loose sand and corrugation coming out of Sossusvlei, which would […]

Been There Dune That

May 12, 2010

Before our ride through Namibia, I felt the usual trepidation preceding eight consecutive days of mountain biking over formidable desert terrain. I dealt with my fears by 1. Keeping them to myself; 2. Putting a positive spin on any negativity; and 3. Expecting nothing beyond the next pedal stroke. I believe that low expectations can […]

Nestled in Namibia

May 1, 2010

I’m sitting in my tent right now 111 kilometers into the Namibian desert, hoping insane streaks of lightening find a taller object than my rain fly. By some unknown and shocking African technological breakthrough, my blackberry works for the first time in the middle of nowhere. For the eighth consecutive day in the middle of […]