Erin's Tour d'Afrique Bike of a Blog!
An 8,000 mile personal and philanthropic adventure across Africa…


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4 Responses to “About”

  1. happy valintimes day
    do u remember me this is claire your cosen

  2. Go ERIN!!!


  3. Go Erin!!!! So proud of you. Thinking about you everyday and missing you. Stay well, safe and dry!

  4. Hi Erin: I try to look at your blog every week. Looks like you are making great progress. A dear friend of mine is also in Africa doing mission work for HIV+ patients. I forwarded your blog to her as she is also in Africa right now.

    Grace is got the running thing going big time. She did great in Cross Co and came in 1st or 2nd in all her races. Her team came in 1st in district as a result. She is now doing track and runs the mile and 1.5 mile. She came in 2nd and 1st last week respectively. It has not been real hot yet which helps but we are getting warmer with temps in the 60-70s this week.

    The kids are on break this week but we are staying home because I am still looking for a job. The search is taking longer than I hoped or would like. It’s not easy getting to the top and then staying there. My situation is not unique, but I am also staying positive and looking for the right next move. Title is not my driver – the ability to make meaningful contributions and then also keep learning are what do it for me. I’ve been back to NYC for interviews and have the next round for a job that covers the entire state on 4.8. I was able to see nanny when I was there in March.

    Patrick turned 15 in February (next week is bday week for Ryan and Chris). He is able to get his permit in TX at 15 so just finished drivers ed and now has to do 7 lessons of driving with an instructor. He cannot get his license until he turns 16 – they just tightened up the rules. Prior to Sept 09, you didn’t even take a drivers test your partents just had to certify that you had practiced and could drive! How crazy is that!!!!!

    We are proud of you. Keep up the good work!

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